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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dolly Kei Trend

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Dolly Kei

Dolly Kei is a newly-emerging style based on Japan's view of the Middle Ages and European fairy tales, especially the Brothers Grimm. It includes a lot of vintage skirts, dresses, etc., and sometimes has religious symbols.


Grimore is a good place to find Dolly Kei outfits and accessories.

A little info of Grimoire

Managed by former fashion student and Cutie model Hitomi Nomura and owner Naoaki Tobe, Grimoire is a magical hideout away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo street life.

Dolly-kei, as you may have guessed, takes inspiration from antique (and slightly spooky) dolls and movies such as Narnia, Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter. The used, vintage and antique clothing and the store’s own accessories line, which include crucifixes, bags and shoes, also come from the duo’s interest in picture books, European folk stories and fantasy.

The used clothes, which are sourced from the US, Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic, are a playful mixture of bohemian, gypsy, eastern European costumes and fairy tales. Nomura, who is also considered a “charisma staff” for customers, says that when she embarks on her buying adventures she wants “girls to wear these clothes so they can change and transform into something else.”

The name Grimoire comes from an ancient magic book and as she explains, “When you open the pages of the book, the different pages show various magic tricks. We hope people can have a different scene or experience (every time they come to our store), and we hope we can make more dreams.”

Although the store is the epicenter for Dolly-kei, don’t be surprised if you see some Lolitas hanging around as they sometimes come into the store, too. Although distinct from Lolita, Dolly-kei looks, at first, like it has some distant connection with Mori girls (girls who look like they live in forests), but is more eastern European to Mori girl’s Scandinavian aesthetic. Nomura says that Grimoire girls have a “stronger image, more unusual with a special appeal”. The shop opened in June 2008 and has since has grown steadily from a secret grotto for specialist fans to a more popular meeting place for like-minded people. It’s not only for girls, either – as the store also sells bags and accessories for men.

More Pics on Dolly Kei Style

^ Heri of Grimoire v

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To me Dolly Kei is a style that you would usually find in an old picture book or in a princess story.Stories such as Alice in Wonderland,Snow White,Sleeping Beauty, etc.Think of what you would wear if you were in a fantasy or a fairy tale.I personally love this style very much cause I like to play whit different styles.If I could I would totally have a Dolly Kei outfit in my closet.

Source of Info and Pics:google ,Dolly Kei & Cult Party ,Dolly Kei ,wiki and tokyofashion

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