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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Decora Trend

Often called ‘Decora-chan’, these girls roamed the streets of the Harajuku and Shibuya districts in Tokyo during the mid- to late-90s. As most Asian street fashion does, Decora includes not only brand name clothing (some favorites are Vivienne Westwood and Takuya Angel), but also resale items. The style is said to originate from the Japanese pop idol Tomoe Shinohara, who hosted television shows and sang hit songs in fluffy petticoats and knee-high colored boots.
Decora’ stands for ‘decorated’ in Japanese. Once you see a Decora-chan, it quickly becomes apparent why; these girls are covered head-to-toe with tacky, rainbow-colored jewelry and colorful clothes. Another important aspect of the fashion is the ‘musical’ quality of the accessories as they walk. Super cute. There’s really nothing like Decora in Japan now, although some famous designers have been picking up on it. Isaac Mizrahi, the main clothing designer at Target stores, says that his favorite inspiration is the FRUiTS book, while Gwen Stefani references ‘Harajuku Girls’ repeatedly in her newest Album, ‘Love Angel Music Baby’. The song of the same title has lyrics that seem to be directed at Decora-chan. “Putting on a show / when you dress up in your clothes / wild hair color and cell phones / your accessories are dead on”.


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