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Monday, July 22, 2013



Today's show is...


I will show you some Outfits I Would Wear If I Could from Red N Bold.

I was going trough some blogs and found a link to this store and as I was looking trough it I saw some potential outfits. 

Everything here is from...

Red N Bold

Here they are...

For the first outfit 
Stick a Needle in My Eye

I pared the Sleeveless Cropped Lace Top with the Stripped Zipper Skirt and for accessories which I wouldn't wear much with this but I added sunglasses, Pop Words Sunglasses.

I think this outfit is more girly but strong, if that makes sense. The top is really pretty with the lace and it's black which I love. Te skirt has the double zippers which adds a metal piece to the outfit, so it's not all black and white. 

For this outfit my favorite piece, which is also the main point of the outfit are the sunglasses. I love that they "Cross My Heart Hope To Die Stick a Needle in My Eye".

The second outfit is...
Bad Baby

Lately I've been obsessed with the song "Babay" from ZionT. I love this song so much.Anyways, in the song he says "Ba Babay" and it  sounds like Bad Baby that's why I call this outfit Bad Baby.

The top is a London Boy Print Cropped Tee, which for some reason I was attracted to. For the bottoms I choose a Asymmetrical Sheer Black Chiffon Skirt. I thinks that the skirt and the top would look great together. I also wanted to add some accessories to go with this outfit. I went with a  Crocodile Ring and some Big Round Frame Sunglasses.
I think this look is more tough than the others.

Third outfit is...
On a tropical island

This one is a little different than the first two. 
For the name besides the palm trees/coconut trees I thought of one of Jake's (Adventure Time) song. He says "On a tropical island" a couple of times.

The top is Floral Print Sports Cropped Tee a floral and number print on, really different I haven't seen anything like this around. I was pulled in by it. As for the pants they are Coconut Tree Print Shorts. No I love coconuts. I even have a tree front of the house.

4rth  outfit is...
Cat Lord

The name should have been Cat Prince but he looks more like a "Lord of the Galaxies". Don't you think.

I really liked this Galaxy Starry Night Skirt and had to make an outfit with this. Then I saw this Cat Prince in a Galaxy Shirt and I was in love.

Fifth and final outfit is...
Dear Lord Don't Let This Lion Eat Me.

Again, the name should have been "Dear Lord Don't let This Lion Get Me" but I was half asleep.  I was a little inspired by Lana Del Rey's song "Young and Beautiful". 

For the top I went with this Galaxy Lion Shirt. I like how he looks a little like Mufasa from The Lion King. For bottoms I chose this Chiffon Maxi Skirt with a cross print. The cross design on this is beautiful.

I really enjoyed putting together these outfits and I will like to do more of this. If you're interested in the pieces I used click, on the names I put the links. This is not sponsored, I just did this for pure fun.

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