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Friday, July 12, 2013

A Little Something More...

Today's show is...

(yes, this is a photo of my new cat. His name is Yan)

An update to the previous post

     So on the last post I wrote about a little problem I have. That is with writing. I love to make up stories but I can never write them down. No matter how hard I try.

     I started thinking of the time I was in high school that my stories were more interesting and a lot more clear and now that I'm in college and have literally no friends and no social life and I'm not able to make any interesting stories. That is one of the problems I have with writing. Since I don't now whats happening I don't know what to do.

   Though I remembered that my English teacher of my last 2 years of high school thought us a lot about writing. I could never understand why she focused so much on that rather than teaching the kids that didn't know any English; English but during those two years that's what she thought us...about writing.

     I remember she thought us about synopsis, thesis statements, thought bubbles and all that and now I know that what she thought us was going to help me. Even though I didn't pay much attention in class.

     So I started thinking and took an empty notebook and started writing down some things. Like how the character should be like and how old, the time, places, and everything like that. Now my problem is that I've gotten lazy. Or more like I've hit my first wall. 

     Lately I've been having these moments in were I'm doing something like writhing or typing or working with my clay and I get stuck. My mind just drifts away and I don't remember what I'm doing or what I was thinking. I'm kinda afraid to tell my mom that that is happening because she will worry for nothing. So I plan on only telling my lovely followers here.

   Again. I will try and continue to write down every thing, every detail, small things like that. And eventually I will start my official writing and someday I will finish the story only to move on to the next one.

Thank you to the people that tried to help me. It means a lot. I was starting to think I was alone in this blog. I really appreciate.

Sorry for the long post.

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 I will be happy.


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June L. said...

Aww, your cat is adorable! and if you need help with writing, just give me a shout - I'm majoring in literature and English. C:

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