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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Yuna's Ulzzang Gold and Bronze Tutorial

I requested this.
Again she made it.
Super happy when I saw this.

The original post.
Finish Look:

^ Just have to say.^
Isn't she pretty.
The ulzzang look suits her.

What I use:

1) Maybelline Eye Studio quad in "Give me gold"
2) Napolean Perdis Disc 5
3) Maybelline Cream Shadow Stick (any white shimmer eyeshadow will work)
4) Mac Fluidline
5) Tarina Tarantino Cream Shadow in "Golden Shadow"


As a base apply a bronze cream shadow all over the lid

Apply a shimmery nude shadow all over the base

Apply a bronze shadow on the outter-corner making a "C" shape

Apply a gold eyeshadow on the middle of the lid only

Blend out any harsh lines with a nude color eyeshadow

Now to line the lids, line the top and half of the bottom lid

This is optional, apply a white eyeshadow in the inner-corner to brighten and open the eyes.

apply mascara and you're finish!

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