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Sunday, June 12, 2011

City Hunter

So Today I just finished 49Days the drama which is a total must see drama btw.
And at the very end at the credicts I saw the trailer for this.
It was like destiny(totally belives in it) cause I was indesisive.
I was like do I see it or don't I.
But then I convinced my self (Lee Min Ho helped)
So I of coarse decided that the next one will be...

City Hunter

Romance, Action, Thriller


Lee Min Ho as Lee Yun Seong
Park Min Young as Kim Na Na
Lee Joon Hyuk as Kim Young Joo
Hwang Sun Hee as Jin Soo Hee
Goo Hara as Choi Da Hye

The story started in 1983 when a bomb exploded while the South Korean President and his delegates were visiting Myanmar. The explosion killed some of the high ranking officials but not the president. To strike back, 5 high-ranking officials of South Korea planned for an underground operation to go to North Korea and kill North Korean agents. With the South Korean President unknowing, Lee Jin-pyo (Kim Sang-joong) and Park Moo-yul (Park Sang-min) who work as bodyguards for the Blue House, organized the 20-men troop who would execute the plan. During the plan's execution, the 5 high-ranking officials changed their minds and aborted the plan.

As the troop swims to the submarine, which would take them back to South Korea, a sniper came out from the submarine and started shooting each troop members. With Lee Jin-pyo as the only survivor of the ambush, he swam back to South Korean shore.

With a promise to his fallen comrades and his best buddy Park Moo-yul, he snatches Moo-yul's son and took it with him in the mountains of Thailand. There, he taught the child with combat skills to become an elite soldier.

After an attack on their village, Lee Jin-Pyo confessed to the child, Lee Yoon-sung (Lee Min-ho), about his long-term goal.

7 years after the confession, with an ultimate plan to take revenge, Lee Yoon-sung comes back to South Korea and enters the Blue House (presidential palace) as an IT expert under the National Communication Network Team. Warned not to fall in love, Lee Yoon-sung will meet Blue House bodyguard, Kim Na-na (Park Min-young). Then the story of love and revenge begins.

The main reason that I wanted to see this drama was obviously cause of Lee Min Ho.

This drama was also based on the manga "City Hunter" by Tsukasa Hojo - published by Shueisha in the Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1985 to 1991.

Source of info:wiki
Source of pics:google

Anyways I've only seen 2 episodes but I totally recomend watching this drama.
Especially if your into action and romance.
Plus if your a Lee Min Ho fan like me there a couple scenes that you will love.

The also famous SHOWER SCENE.
*nose bleed*
^ o ^

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