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Friday, July 8, 2011

Fei Zhu Liu Style ver.2

Again my second atempt at Fei Zhu Liu.
Hope it informs you better

What is "Fei Zhu Liu"?

非主流 (feizhuliu)
translated means non-mainstream. Ironically, it is becoming the mainstream style in China. Its a mix of Hime, Ulzzang, Scene and a splash of China’s orginal style!!

What is an "Ulzzang" ?

 얼짱 (Ulzzang)

is a Korean term meaning "best face" or "good looking" in Korean. This slang is often used by netizens, contests including girls competing for the title of "ulzzang". However, even if this is true, Ulzzang has developed into a subculture/style, rather than a competition/contest event.

The Fei Zhu Liu make can go frm very simple and colorful to a make with more eyeliner and lashes making the eyes look bigger and sexy-cute.

Also found this tutorial.

Use finger to apply a white shadow base on the lid of the eye

Use a brush to swipe a silver colored eyeshadow over the white

apply whites on the inner corners of the eye

bring the silvers up to the lower outter corners of the eyebrow

apply a blue eyeshadow on the lower layer of the eyelids (or just swipe a reasonable layer if u r single eyelidded)

use a pencil eyeliner to line along the top and bottom lashes

apply a light orange blush alone the cheekbones

Apply white glitters on the inner corners of the eyes

apply a light golden glittery tone alone the bottom lines

apply a light white tone between the eyes and the cheeks

apply a pale pink lipstick on the lips

apply a shiny clear lipgloss over


Pics, info n tutorial from: fyfeishuliu

Please tell me if you know something about this style.

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