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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lee Hi Rose Makeup Tutorial

Today's show is...

Lee Hi Rose Music Video Makeup Tutorial

Today I saw Lee Hi's new music video "Rose". I liked it but it confused me a little. I hope I'm not the only one. Even if I didn't understand the story I really liked everything else. Especially the scenes where Lee Hi is sorounded by floating red roses. II also  obviously liked the makeup. I think there were 4 different looks. The one I liked the most was the "Dark Lee Hi" look. That is also the one I wanted to do besides the "Innocent Lee Hi" look but, I didn't get much of the scenes were she appeared like that.

 If you haven't seen it then here it is.

Also, as always I took some screen shots.

 Here is the photo I did the look after.

Start with the Tutorial.


First, Face make. I used bbcream and translucent powder. Like I always do.

For the eyes I used a combination with light pink and white all over the top lid. After that I combined a light orange with a light pink and used that on the lid. With a angled brush I created a line on my lids. I tried to use a color similar to hers but I didn't have it. With the same color I lined my inner waterline and the outer water line only at the bottom. Finally I used a light blue-ish purple on the lower lids.

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