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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fei Zhu Liu Style

Fei Zhu Liu, which when translated means “non-mainstream”.

=What is an "Ulzzang"?=
means "best face" in Korean, also known as net idols in other asian countries; usually characterized by big eyes, a pale complexion, or basically those with a pretty face. These people are usually well-known on the internet because of their good looks and style.

=What is "FZL"?=
short for "fei zhu liu", which is basically a counter culture or anti-mainstream trend, fashion, or lifestyle in China, popular among teens (like Scene style). Characteristics include distinctive eyes, dyed & layered/choppy hair and unique style.

Source of pics:fuckyeahfzl.tumblr and google

There's not enough information on FZL but with what I've gathered it makes me think that FZL is just an emo ulzzang.
I wont stop right there.
If anyone knows more about this style please tell me in a comment.
I would appreciate it.

♥♫►[FZL/Ulzzang Girls: Gorgeous Style]◄♫♥