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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Himegyaru Trend ver.2

Today's show is...

The HimeGyaru Trend

To me a himegyaru is both sexy and cute so I'm incorporating them in here.

is about looking like a princess and looking pretty. The word "hime" in himegyaru is the Japanese word for princess. In serious himegyaru it is almost required that you do everything possible to look like a princess. With pretty dresses or tops and skirts, a princess like hairdo (IE: Minibeehives, etc.), pretty jewelry, etc. Heels are almost always requred Casual himegyaru is more lax, you can wear like a pretty cami top with lace or something girly/princess like on it, and a pair of jeans or a regular skirt. If you are really interested in himegyaru, but aren't sure what exactly to do, I recommend that you look at the brand Jesus Diamante.

If you are interested in Casual himegyaru, I recommend that you look at Liz Lisa and Tralala.

Also, try looking at an Ageha magazine or Ageha magazine scans.

The key points of this style

*Big Hair

*Big Eyes


*Jewelry(lots of it)


Make them over the top with feathers and/or jewels and charms. Any thing sparkly, jeweled, or glittery. Strong or soft colors...anything goes as long as it looks like it took a long time to do. Right now pointed seems to be very popular with the Hime style, but round and square are also still alive and thriving.

These are Sakurina nails.I took these from her blog.

Hair Arrange

Hair is a very important part of the style.You can ad Flowers,Bows, and/or Pearls.Most importantly be creative.

Make-Up Tutorials

A super big point of the himegyaru style is the make up. Porcelain doll like skin,Glossy lips,Pink or Peach cheeks, and Huge cute but, sexy eyes.

If you want an example of some himegyaru; here are some well known Ageha models.

As I said before, Sakurina is my favorite Ageha model. I absolutely love her nails. If you want to know more about her visit her Ameblo.

To me she's himegyaru, so I added her too. She is super beautiful. Also, LOVE her style. Not to mention she's super successful, and a  amazing mother. Again, to know more about her visit her

Here are other himegyaru that I like.

Erika Shinjou
Her Ameblo.

Her Ameblo.

Mika Kagoshima
Her Ameblo.

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