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Friday, February 8, 2013

Photo Diary #4

Today's show is...

Photo Diary #4

If you still don't know what my photo diary'...are then I will breafly explain.
My photo diary' are a compilation of all the things that I do while I'm "Out in the World" or as my grams always says "Out of my Cave". Here I will show you the interesting things and places that I see. I will also show you the things I make or my recent tutorials or posts.

My aunty was home for a couple of days so I wasn't able to post much. Plus, she wanted to paint the house ad I wanted to help her.

I was in the casino. I'm a big girl now.

I also decided to do a lolita/ulzzang/fairy kei tutorial.

We went to Mayaguez... I think.

Saw a really big mirror in this accessories store and I couldn't resist taking a photo. This is me with out makeup. btw.

Cute heart shaped earrings. I wanted these but left my money. ' . '

Pretty flowers at walmart.

Stopped at mcdonalds. It's been YEARS since I've been there.

My aunty driving of in to the sunset. 

The sunset was so freaking beautiful I tried to take photos of it but I could never capture what I saw exactly.  These are the ones that looked the best.

This is what happens when I don't clean for a week and a half. I start cleaning today...hopefully.

Did this sketch of a devil girls. I was inspired by Creepyyeha. She's so awesome.
I did this while I was supposed to be paying attention to the teach. Then she suddenly asked me somethings and then there was this long awkward silence between us.

I saw these cards at walmart in the pain section and took them. Maybe I'll do something with them. Not sure.

 My jar of buttons is slowly getting filled up.

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