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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pastel Lolita Makeup Tutorial

Today's show is...

I created this look because I was inspired by the many photos I looked at while searching for Fairy kei and Lolita style.  I've always love those styles but never could wear or follow them like I wanted to.  Even though I couldn't wear the clothes, I did the makeup. Wearing those pastel colors on your lids. Looking like a fairy. With the glitter in the corners. Sounds like fun, right?

At least I loved it. With that in mind I created this look and I hope you enjoy it as well.

First, choose a light peach color and use that all over the lids.
Then, a pink color on the outer corners.

To finish or the top lid, for now, create a small line above your lashes with a brown eyeshadow. Lower lids now, use a light purple and apply all over the lower lids and on top of that, take a sparkly purple in the middle of the lower lid. Finishing with the eyeshadows now. Take a light colored champagne shadow and with your ring finger lightly dab it on the middle of your top lids. Line your eyes using a brown liquid liner close to the lash line and wing it. Do your brows and done.

As for the lips, take a light pink and apply that to the inside of your lips. With this we are creating an ulzzang lip. You can leave it like that of like or like I did. Take another pink this time more brighter that the last one and make a diamond shape in the very inside.

Finished look.

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Yuna said...

very cute, I love the look ^^

Kri said...

very nice tutorial are so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Take your photos from another angle it makes your large forehead look bigger and small lips look smaller and doesn't do much for an already wide nose. If you do not look at the camera your eyes look crooked. At least the makeup would look good on someone else.

Mickey said...

@Anonymous What you see is what you get. My forehead IS big and my lips ARE small. That's just how I was born. If you don't like it then I'm sorry but, I can't change that about myself. Plus, my eyes look that way because I'm looking through a mirror that is on the other side of the camera.
Also, sorry if I don't look good enough to wear MY makeup on My own tutorials.

Anonymous said...

That was a dumb comment you look very cute and adorable. Big foreheads are cute, you're just like Tyra or rihanna! I think the makeup suits you.

Mickey said...

@Anonimous2 Thanks for that. I really appreciate that. (っ˘З˘)っ