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Friday, January 25, 2013

Fairy Kei Trend

Today's show is...

Fairi Kei 
This post has been updated. This is the first time I update this post. Hope all the new information help.

Here is a little information on Fairy Kei.

Fairy kei is a style that originated in Japan. This style consists of pastel colors, sweets and toy themed items. Basically a child like fantasy. Most of the outfits that they wear consists of 80's style clothing.  While wearing that they manage to still look cool and lovely.

Fashion producer Sebastian Masuda owner of 6% DOKI DOKI. He is one of the people that started this style. He coordinated everything by himself from the make up of shop clerks to exterior and interior of the shops using his themes, which are "sensational and lovely", "not only cute but also happy" and "feeling of unreality".

There is also a second hand shop called "Spank", opened in Kouenji around 2004 by  the producer and owner Mr. Tabuchi. This shop goes with the theme of "pop disco in the 80's" that comes from the 80's style in the United States. There are also many original items such as accessories, T-shirts and other small things.

My Opinion:
It's a colorful trend that has hints of 80's pop. This style has many things such as Sweet Motifs, and Old Mac Donald toys. It's a very girly and child like style. It consists of characters such as My Little Pony, Popples, Care Bears, Barbie, etc.. I personally really like this style more that the other Japanese styles. It's more me than anything else. If you visit my tumblr blog or my shop you will see some items or photos that are fairy kei related. This style also inspires me to be more child like and that brings out my creative side. Which sometime is locked away.

 In the following I will show you the things that make fairykei style come together. Things such are the accessories, the hair and the outfits. I hope this will help you learn more about this style.

Fairy Kei Accessories

The hair accesories that they use can be bows and other hair clips, such ase the ones in the photos below.

The hair accessories in the photos above can be sold in these shops.

 The earrings that they use are many times simple but I have seen neon colored ones as well.

 The earrings in the photos above can be sold in the following shops.

 I will also show you a few bracelets and neclaces.

Bracelets and nacklaces shown in the photos above can be sold in the following shops.

Fairy Kei Hair

Fairy Kei Outfits

Fairy Kei Nails

There is also this girl that does things with Fairy Kei style in her outfits. Her blog is Damare Kozou.

 Another girl that is into Fairy Kei is...

Kyary also known as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

These are some of the outfits she has worn that are Fairy Kei inspired.

You can find out more about this style and what I mentioned in these links below.

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