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Thursday, January 3, 2013

KKCenterHk Sponsored Review

Today's show is...

 KKCenterHk Sponsored Review
 I received this before Christmas Eve but haven't had the time and since I'm sick/not doing anything today I'm going to show you what I got.

 Thank You KKCenterHk!!

KKcenterhk266x100png banner

The items were wrapped in bubble wrap.

 This is what I got

Let me start by showing you how big the liners are compared to a quarter.

 The first item I will show you is...
Yanquia Waterproof Eyeliner

this was wrapped in plastic so I had to cut it.

 Here you can see how fine the tip is. This makes it better to control.

Here are the swatches.
I rubber it about 5 times. Wiped it gently with a baby wipe 5 times. Then I used my makeup remover on a cotton bud and removed it.

The other one is...
Ramalisa Thin Eyeliner
This liner is a gel one.

The swatch.
Rubbed about 5 times, used a baby wipe over 5 time, then I used makeup remover. You can see that even after I used a cotton swab dipped in the makeup remover 5 times there is still some liner there.

The eye shadow is
CUICU Flashing Diamond Single EyeShadow in Sienna Brown


 The back.

The box has this kinda texture to it. I found that really cool.

I like the style of this eyeshadows pakaging.
It makes it look more cool.

 Here is the color in the sun light.

In the shade.

The swatch on my finger.

I created a look using the Yanqina Eyeliner and the Cuico Eyeshadow

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