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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Got a Boy Makeup Tutorial

Today's show is...

Girls' Generation I Got a Boy Makeup

I Got a Boy came out the first day of 2013. Happy New Years by the way. The video already has about
4,108,923 views. It's really popular. Like me there were people who have already done the makeup or the hair in this video. I wanted to do this yesterday but my friend came over then, I had to cook and take care of my grams. I had no time. I was up till 2 am in the morning editing the photos. So that first thing in the morning I could post this up.

Here are some caps that I took.

This in my inspiration for the tutorial. I think her name is Tiffany.
 I can't believe that I've been following/being a fan of SNSD since the beginning and I still don't remember their names. You don't even want to know my dilemma with Super Junior.

Anyway, Tiffany had 3 looks in total and these were the looks.For this tutorial I chose the 3rd one.

And here is the music video if you haven't watched it yet

Girls' Generation  소녀시대 - I Got A Boy

Let the tutorial start.

Face Make~
I washed my face and did the whole morning routine.

Applyed a little bit of sunblock and SteamCream.

Then I applied bb cream and face powder.

Eye Make~
Begin with eyeshadow primer to the whole eye lid and bottom lid. After that take a peachy orange color and use that all over your lid. Then use a orange eyeshadow on your outer corner. On your lower corner use a dark green  or brown  eyeshadow. I used a dark green eyeshadow. Finally, line your upper lid and waterline with black liner.

Next, create a wing.  As for the bottom lid, apply a shimmery pink or white from the inner corner to the middle of the lid. Then take a pink shimmer or glitter in the middle and a white glitter on the inner corner. To finish the look take any glitter liquid liner and apply that over the pink and white glitter. Don't forget the mascara. Apply many coats on your upper lashes and on your bottom ones to.

Finished Results~!

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