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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

GLAM Dahee Makeup 2

Today's show is...

Another GLAM makeup Tutorial

This is actually an old tutorial that I did a few months ago. Yes it's another Kpop makeup inspired tutorial. This time inspired by the girl group GLAM. I have done a style similar to this one some time ago but I deccied to do the other version of that look. That is the version Dahee had in the video Party/XXO. This one I think is more complicated. They are both easy and don't take much time.

The first tutorial is HERE and the music video for Party/XXO is HERE.

Dahee's makeup in the album cover. This I took from the Behind the Scenes.

Let's Start~

1. Use a dark green eyeliner or cream eyeshadow to create the wing (like in the gif below).
2. Over the liner/cream shadow apply a color that is similar all over to keep the liner/cream shadow in place.
3.Use a small brush and a black matte eyeshadow and create a line on your top lid. Very close to the lashes.
4. Line your water line and tight line your top lid. Again as close to the lashes as possible.
5.Finally use a champagne color eyeshadow on the lower inner corner of your eyes.
Also mascara and/or lashes are optional. I did this look with out lashes or mascara.

Finished Result~

I forgot to do my brows. Oh my. So embarrassing. First time I've forgotten to do them for a look.  Maybe it's because I'm not used to it. Next time I won't forget.

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