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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dahee Makeup Tutorial

Today's show is...

Glam Dahee Makeup Tutorial
I'm going to show you one of the makeup looks in the following music video. I actually did this makeup in less than 5 minutes. Mostly, because, we were going to be late for uni. So, I had to move it. Also, this tutorial is actually old. I did this last Thursday but, due to some personal problems I postponed it. I hope you like it.

This music video is super cool and the members singing abilities are no joke. I really like this rookie girl group. This song is super catchy. Their outfits are so kpop. I love it.
Enough fangirling. Now it's your turn to fangirl. So, just turn off the blog music (located below the header) and enjoy.

GLAM - Party

Here are some of the photos from the music video.

This is the one I copied. 

Let's Start~!

Face Make~!
First, face powder.

Eye Make~!
First, take a dark green eyeliner to create a "V" at the outer corner on your upper lids. Fill the "V" you just created with the same green liner pencil. After that, line your upper lids with a black pencil liner and apply a generous amount of mascara. Lastly, use a shimmery eyeshadow at the inner corner. Like in the photo. Over the shimmery eyeshadow, use a shimmery liner pencil.

Finished Results~!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You should take a normal point of view picture. Not hating its a good angle for you your very pretty but the angle doesn't show the makeup much. All we can see is your eye looking up. At least one to show what it looks like on someone other then the kpop star. ONLY if you want to, Just a suggestion ^^ Love yur tutorials!