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Friday, December 14, 2012

I was lost

Today's show is...

All this time storing.

I've been holding some of these photos for no reason so I finally decided to post them.
These are the things I've bought over the month.

Baby wipes and a eyeshadow brush from walgreens.
Baby wipes are my secret wepon. They are good for everything.

A mist perfum by Bodycology in Wild Poppy.

Got myself a eyeshadow primmer, some lashes, lip balms, liners and a eyebrow pencil. Which I still haven't opened; the eyebrow pencil I mean.

Found this lotion at walmart for a dollar. Smells really good. I recommend it. It's by Bodycology - Exotic Cherry Blossom.

Finally ate some yogurt. For a couple of days I was crazy wanting to eat yogurt, but I couldn't. Mom got some for me and I was so happy.

I spent so many days trying to create a rose tree. And currently the top of the tree is still not covered.

Found the last two palettes that were missing from my collection. I love these and I'm glad I discovered how good they are.

I got some sponges for my face powder. The ones I bought last time were such a waste. The hairs in the puffs came off and got stuck in my face. I hated it.
Plus, I found this really cute Rubik Cube looking candle thing.

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