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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Eyeshadow Palette Review part 1

Today's show is...

Eyeshadow Palette Review - Part 1

I got these eyeshadows at a store in the town mall for really cheap. I took the photos when I got them but, just now I'm writing this. 
The reason I got these palettes was because besides the price the packaging really atracted me. I know. Not the best reason to get them, but I didn't really hurt my pockets.

I will show them individually, with swatches and looks.

On this post I will do the first one.
It's this Princessa palette. It comes with 10 eyeshadow colors and a sponge applicator.
The cover/lid of the palette has these small circles that are actually magnifying. You can see the little glitter  with more detail.

The ingredients.

The colors of this palette were on the chalky side but the pigmentation was good.

The Look

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