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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Photo Diary #1

Today's show is...

Lost Again. Photo Diary.

I've been lost again. Haven't been posting recently. Sorry. I will start posting again.

I created this look, but the tutorial wasn't good so I will post it here as a look.
Excuse the sweater. I was bored and just started doing my makeup.

I also did this look a long time ago but, never got to posting it. It's a pastel makeup look. I used mint all over the lid. Purple below the crease and on the lower lid. I also used a light pink in the inner corner.

My skin has gotten crazy. It's all dry. I don't like it.

I cleaned out my room and decided to store away all of my plushies and dolls. I only left my porcelain baby on my desk. As you can see I'm using him for accessories holder.

Yesterday I was cleaning my sunglasses and trying to fix my broken ones, but failed. I have 8 not broken sunnies. I want more!!

Here are the broken ones. If someone knows how I can fix them please tell me. Not the clear ones cause those were cheap.

I saw these old crystal bottle coca cola and thought they were cute.

I also found out that I can have an allergic reaction to hot dogs. My face got really red and I was on fire. Started sweating like crazy. That's what I get for cooking. I cooked yesterday and got an allergic reaction. That's why  I don't do anything. Every time I do something around the house something happens.

 I also stabbed my eye with a pair of scissors. Thank god nothing bad happened except for a slight sting. It's more red in person.

I also moved my store again. Now it's on tumblr. It's more easy for me. I'm selling handmade bows and makeup now.

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