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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Eyeshadow Palette Review Part 2

Today's show is...

Eyeshadow Palette Review - Part 2
This palette is just like the next one. The packaging has 8 holographic like flowers on the front with dots around them. This palette is also from Starry.  Beside the 8 eyeshadow there is a body glitter. I don't know why. I just use it as eyeshadow. These eyeshadow are all pearly or shimmery, but the body glitter has glitters in it. Which is kinda obvious. Since the name says it, "Body Glitter". The palette also comes with a dual sided sponge applicator. I never use these.
Now, I don't know the name of the colors since it doesn't say it anywhere. But the colors of each palette are very different.

The other one is...

This palette also have very pigmented colors.

The Look

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