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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Park Sora Makeup Tutorial

Today's show is...

Park Sora Makeup Tutorial
Park Sora is a model for Korean online store called "StyleNanda". She is also an ulzzang. Her makeup is very simple and natural. I will show you a way to create her look.

Here are some examples of her eyemake.

If you want to see more Park Sora photos visit my tumblr. Clouds of Wonder.

Let's Start~!

Face Make~!
As always I only use my powder.

Eye Make~!
First prime your lids. Then, apply a cream color all over your lids. Put a little extra on the inner corners to make your eyes look brighter. After that, use a mid brown shimmer on the outer corner. Then, use a darker brown or dark golden brown shimmer eyeshadow to the outer corner. Like in the photo. Line your lids with a black pencil liner and extend the line downward. Use a liquid liner or a gel liner over the pencil to darken the line. Apply mascara to your lower and top lashes. Be generous.

What I used:

 Finished Results~!

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