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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kibbon House Review

Today's show is...

Kibbon House Package Reviews.

Today I will be showing you some items that I got from KibbonHouse. I got the package in the mail a couple of days ago but, I didn't have the time to edit the photos or write it down. So, I will do so now.

Super big thanks to Kibbon House for these amazingly cool things.

One more thing, If you want or are interested in the items featured in this post use this discount code to get a 5% off anything you buy.


Here are the things that came it the package.

I got these cute snowflake stud earrings. Really cute. I've never had anything snowflake.

Also, got these lip shaped toothpaste squeeze things.

And the items that I fell in love the most are:

This really cute Pearl Cat Ear Headband.
I love it. When I opened the package the first thing that I saw was this and I fell in love with it that instant.
This head band is cute and lovely.  Which I really love. Besides that I love the fact that this is a metal headband. I have had so many problems with headbands. Mostly because the break while I'm putting them on. I hated that, but with this one I wouldn't have that problem.

The other head band is this Leopard Print Triangle Cat Ear Headband.
I was a little scared that this wouldn't look good on me but, when I put this on I loved it.
This one is really cool. I especially love the fact that you can wear it both ways. The front has a small black triangle and the back doesn't.

Last thing is these pair of Pink Horns.
Super cute and edgy. 
So, there's this girl and her style is super amazing and it's kinda like a small part of me that wants to be like her. She is what is in that part of my mind. Anyway, her name is Eva Chung she is a Chinese girl who works as a model in Japan. Here are some photos.

I got them in pink tho. I love them anyway. ♥~

For this review I made a tutorial to go along with it. I will either post it up Today or tomorrow.

The pascuas have finally appeared in full bloom in my house. Very pretty.

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