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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Robots and Skeletons

Today's show is

A little cute shop

There is this shop on etsy called SuperKawaiiBows that has these cool and cute bows. That I totally love. The patterns and the design are really interesting. The name of the owner is Yesenia and she is a college student and also, a mom.

Here are the bows that she sells at her shop.

If like me, you find them cool and you want them then be sure to visit her sop and why not also, go a head and visit and follow her tumblr. I heard that she will be doing a giveaway as soon as she gets her 1000 followers.

Here are here links:
Her tumblr. Be sure to follow her

Also, you can enter the code: CUTEBOWS15 for 15% off your orders

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