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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Photo Diary 2

Today's show is...

Photo Diary #2

This is what has been happening these couple of weeks. I feel sad that I've been gone for to long. Here I am feeling so much better. thank god that I'm not sick anymore. Usually when I'm sick it lasts up to 2 weeks or more and I hate it.

Mom got me this cute Mickey and Minnie  towel. I love Mickey.

When I took it out it looked like this. I thought that it would come out like a heart. It would have been more cuter.

 Cute mirror and new shades.

Road trip to Ponce. Business to attend.

 Bought more clips for my bows.

Spent a lot of days watching Castle. I LOVE this series. So much tension.

Forgot to show my finished Christmas  tree. I know it's January already but I will still keep it. Isn't it cute.

 My baby got a new look. From kpop bad boy to a cute girl. Now that I'm writing this I feel wrong. But he's just so cute. He will go back to his bad boy ways tomorrow.

I also did  Dara's palm tree hair style.

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