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Sunday, June 30, 2013


Today's show is...


I'm back to blogging....kinda.
In the past couple of months I was in a dark place. Uni got me depressed, I had high blood pressure, slept for 3 hours only, got bullied and alienated, and I even lost some friends. I was alone and hurt. Sometimes I didn't even want to wake up, but my mom forced me to. We finally decided to change my classes. No instead of English teacher I'm going to be studying for internet page design. Which is more me that being a teacher, even though I had potential.
Sometimes I didn't want to blog or take photos and that's why no post. 
A couple of days back I decided to use makeup and I did a tutorial just for fun. I think it turned out good. Here it is.

Foundation/BB Cream and powder. Prim your lids. Use a brown color below the crease and then slowly pull it up to the crease. then create two wings using some tape or a card with the same color. Tight line your upper lids with a black pencil liner. Mascara on top and bottom lashes. I forgot to take a photo of it, but if you want take a dark-is greenbrown and add that to your lower lids close to the lashes. If you want you can do till here.
I wanted to add more so I used a light skin colored eyeshadow on my lower lids and added glitter on top. I used a white or colorless glitter.

Finished Results!

I took this photo indoors and our light bulbs aren't so good that's why I'm orange. I still like how it looks.

A lot of girl groups or solo girl singers have been doing music videos and from the ones I've seen the makeup was really cool. If you want me to do one look from any music video please tell me and I'll take it into consideration.

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