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Friday, April 12, 2013

Photo Diary #6

Today's show is...

Photo Diary #6

I will show you the things I got or the things I've been doing. It's not much but I will still show you. The reason that I haven't been posting much is because of uni work and also suffering a little bit of depression. Nothing serious jut that I don't feel like doing much and I'm sad most of the time. That's all.

I made a new tumblr. It's a deco tumblr. If your interested in deco then please follow.

I did new tutorials both Lee Hi inspired.

Just today I got some things.
Like hair ties. Since I have a lot of hair I have to get extra stretchy ones. Those kind are rare.

I saw these cute earring studs and I got them. Aren't they cute?
Since I have to do a presentation soon I want to look pretty. May be I'll post the pictures.

This is a plus. Not so long ago my mo and I where at the hilton casino and we went to the bathroom and I saw this on the bathroom door. I was scared~
What do you think?

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