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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Not Dead, but Alive.

Today's show is..

Not dead but ALIVE.

So if you don't already know I'm in uni and it's been difficult to blog so what I did was take lots of pictures during those days to do a big post. Like this one. So here we go.

Hauls :

Got some hair ties for uni. Cause mine were already stretched out. Also got head bands, a little black coin purse and little bottles so I can have baby lotion in my bag.

Finally found my perfect face powder. I've been looking for one since forever. Another head band. Got a NYC polish but had some problems with it. The brush was missing. It's not the first time either.

Detangling spray on clearance bin. Hair spray and deodorant for school. Cause you have to be well prepared. You never know. 

Lipstick and gloss. Wet n Wild lipstick for 99 cents and gloss for 2/$5.

New clothes at Marianne and new shoes at Payless for $7. Uuuuuuh! Sooo Cheap!
Got some new shades. One the green and white ones are mine the other one is my moms. They were for $3.

Saw these really interesting heels at Payless. So pretty.

On my way to school I took many pics and this one was the prettiest.
Sunrise at the airport.

My very good best-est friend is officially modelling for me. You will probably see her more often. She also has a blog so visit here to see more pics.

I took some pics at the library. I'm such a rebel.

New shades and lip gloss.
If you haven't noticed puffy/blowfish face is my signature for pics.

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