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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Owls, Kitties, and Bananas?

Today's show is...

So yesterday I went out and bought a couple of accessories that I liked. It is still cloudy out but sadly I have to go to uni. At least I have a cute orange umbrella. Though I wanted a yellow one. You know. Because of Love Rain (the drama). I kinda had this thought that if I had a yellow umbrella Jang Geun Suk will come after me and it's not totally impossible since there is an airport nearby. hihi

Here is what I got.

I got Coconut Oil. I heard that it does wonders for your hair. If I like the results I will maybe do a review on it. I went to a really cute little store in town that sell accessories really cheap. I got a necklace that came with little stud earrings. A pair of colorful earrings. a snake like ring that cost 2 dollars. But I really like it.

This ring is kinda weird. At least for me. It looks like 2 snake heads and in the middle is the body but it has stones. Really interesting. Plus it goes really well with my current nails.

The dangling owl necklace. I have been wanting a long necklace for a while now and I finally have one. I'm really happy. I like this picture. I couldn't pass the opportunity to do cat face. I like it!

And the earring that came with the necklace.

The other earrings. Really cool aren't they.

Bought some banana chips at Walgreen's for 99 cents. This is a big bag. So for 99 cents it's pretty good.  I was super curious of how they tasted so I opened the bag and as you can see I broke the bag. So I had to put the chips in sandwich bags. Also they taste super sweet. Like coconut. I'm going to eat these while I study. They are great for that.

And my selca's begins.

I found the perfect pose for the car selcas. This is how they came out. Me enjoying some banana chips. Looks like I'm sticking my banana chip tongue out.

Puffy cheeks.

Me with the sunglasses my mom found. I don't like them. Other wise I would have taken them.
You know what I think I want my next collection to be sunglasses. I've really been liking my sunglasses and I've been thinking of getting more. Hummm.....Let's see?!

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