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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Playing with the Lions

Today's show is...

Adventure Time
Ivy and I were at the mall and we explored it all. Plus, we took lots of photos. I took these photos a while ago but I couldn't get to post them here. So, I'm doing it now.

We first got into Hot Topic but I didn't take much photos because I got kinda scared. Those people scared me, for some reason.

The Claire's.

I loved these rings. They are so me.

I liked this one specially.

These look like GDragon - Crayon. When he is dressed as a girl.

Saw these two necklaces I thought were cool.


I saw this ring and I was glad that I got one on a coin machine for 50 cents. I got it cause of GD.

The mall had lots of lions. Since Ponce's symbol is the lion. They were so cutely painted.

Everyone.I haven't said anything but I have a boyfriend. He is so fashionable.I'm going to introduce you to him.
Here he is.

 Lol. I'm just kidding.

I saw these cute outfits in the window displays and I just thought it would be fine to put them here. Aren't they cute. To me they look like something that an ulzzang would wear.

I thought this was cool. Bewitched Barbie.

Then Ivy and I went to JCPenny and used the sample cosmetics. I really like the eyeliner.

I took a picture with Jake from Adventure Time.

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