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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ulzzang Makeup Tutorial

Today's show is...

My kpop makeup and another ulzzang looking makeup tutorial
Today I decided to do another tutorial. This time I was inspired by this photo.

If anyone knows who she is please tell me.
Also, while I was doing my make I was watching Innocent Man. I love Kang Maru. He is super cute. Even though his personality isn't so hot. I'm totally obsessed with this drama. Maybe I'll do a review soon.

Let's start with the tutorial.

Face make first.

Shadow next. Apply a cream color all over eyes. Then use a dark color to line the eyes.

Now start to line your upper lid. I started from the middle to the corner. Then using a brush I did a wing going up.

Mascara first. Then put on some spiky lashes.

 Finished Results.

 I added a straight line on the bottom to created a kpop-ish eye male look.

Here is the tutorials Finished Look.

I went to the stores like this. I got many looks. 

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