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Friday, November 2, 2012

Colored Wing Eyeliner Tutorial

Today's show is...

Colored Wing Eyeliner.

Today I will show you a look that I saw in a part in Ranzuki October 2012's magazine and I thought that it would be such a good tutorial to make. Plus, now that I have my cream colors, it would be so much easier. The colors would be much brighter.

These are the scans.

Let's Start~

Face Make~!

Eye Make~!
Apply a cream color all over the lids and add slightly darker color on the outer corners.

Line Make~!
Line your upper lid with a black pencil liner. In the photo she had a thick line so, I did that as well. Then, take your cream colors and with a small brush make a wing upwards. Like in the photo. Then after the cream colors, I set them using my own translucent face powder. Putting the powder over would help it stay put.

I didn't take any photo of this but, for this look you have to also take a glitter liquid eyeliner or loose glitter and put that in the lower inner corner.

Finishing Results~!

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