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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ice Cream Makeup Part 2

Today's show is...

Hyuna - Ice Cream Makeup Tutorial part. 2

Today I wanted to do a tutorial. So, I was looking for inspiration on youtube and I came to find lots of Hyuna Ice Cream makeup tutorials. I was laughing because, I was the first to make a tutorial in Part 1 and I made that tutorial just by looking at the teaser. I feel so good.

Sorry about that. Now, I will show you some photos from the music video that I used as reference.

Here is the tutorial.

Let's Start!

Face Make~!
Just powder for me. Your routine is different.

Eye Make~!
First, I use my orange cream paint on the lids. With my ring finger I put a little over the crease so it shows up well. Also put some on the outer lower lid. If you don't have a cream paint like I do just, prime your lids and skip ahead and use orange eyeshadow. Then I use a orange eyeshadow over the pain, but not completely over it. Try going for a gradient eye. As for the inner corner, try putting a yellow-y cream colored eyeshadow. Since the yellow in this palette isn't that pigmented on my skin I used it instead. Also, highlight your brow bone area with a light cream colored eyeshadow.

Line your waterline and make a thin line on your upper lids. Close to the lashes but, not to much. Then create the wing. Try following Hyuna's photo as reference.

Twinkling Stars~!
Create two stars with a white pencil liner and then dab some eyeshadow over it.

Finishing Results~!

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