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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Colorful Gyaru Eye Makeup Tutorial

Today's show is...

Colorful Eye Make
I did this makeup tutorial of a tutorial.

This page is from Popteen September 2010 magazine.

Let's Start~!

First, apply a pink eyeshadow color to the outer corner of the upper lid. Then, apply a blue to the middle of the lid. Finally, apply the yellow to the inner corners. Line your lid and wing it. Mascara and some spiky lashes.
I also applied a dark brown to my lower outer corner to create the look the model had in the photo.

Finished Results~!

Don't make me mad!

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1 comment:

annie_ah said...

hi, i like your tutorials:) especially 2ne1's girls tutorials.. because I came here thanks to them^^~
from now on i'm following you^_^