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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Spiky Lash Review

Today's show is...

Yatin Lashes Review
I will start doing more reviews now. I will start with this one.

I've been using these lashes lately. I wanted to review them.
I have ben really happy with these lashes. They have helped me alot with the tutorials that I have made. 

Such as:
The Kyary Monster makeup tutorial that I did for Halloween. Also, the Ganguro Transformation tutorial.

These lashes are:

They're of a brand called Yatin. The package says that they are.classic Short Black. I think that's an error, because on the front of the package there is a photo of  short b lack lases and not spiky ones. It also says "make a statement with your eyes" which is kinda cool. These lashes are No. 627. 

They were really cheep. I got them for $0.99 + taxes. I got them at this little store in our mall, called Secret By Me. They also sell other lashes. I also got my brow elf lashes there.

These lashes are my favorite lashes so far. I would totally buy another pair of the exact same ones just in case I ruin these.



They come with a glue but, I don't use that glue I use my Revlon Precision Lash Glue.

 Here are some more photos of me with these lashes. and a sneek peek at some future tutorial.


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